Review: Rebellion Cerveza Style Lager

I remember the first time I heard about this beer, Cerveza-style Lager by Rebellion Brewing out of Regina.. All I thought was "Well, wow, they're doing a lager now.. I don't see them keeping it around for long." The beer apparently became one of their top sellers, even (I think?) beating out their world famous Lentil Cream Ale, though I may be wrong.

Rebellion's Cerveza-style Lager is a Mexican-style lager with added salt and lime for a crisp, refreshing taste. 4.2% ABV

Appearance: Cloudiest lager I've seen in a good amount of time, it's a bright straw yellow a lot of carbonation throughout the body. Good amount of thick off-white head on top, the head diminishes very minimally, but leaves behind a light sprinkling as it goes down.

Aroma: This smells like Bud Light more than a Mexican-style Lager.. I know that because I've sampled too much Bud Light during the pandemic thanks to me not turning down any free beers. It's crisp, light, a tad grainy, sweet and maybe a bit of lemon at the end.. but not really giving me lime or salt at all.

Taste: Okay, this time around it's definitely more what I was expecting from this beer - not quite Bud Light-y. It's a light lager that does taste a bit like Bud Light with a hint of lime and salt to it. Quite a grassy, crisp lager that is easy to drink and isn't aggressive in any sense. Slight toasted malt presence, aftertaste is pretty much the crisp barley.

Overall Thoughts: When people go "I don't like craft beer, it's too hoppy", they just refuse to go out and look for beer not made by billion dollar businesses because nearly every craft brewery is coming out with a crisp, light, easy tasting lager now days. This tastes more like Bud Light than say.. a Corona to me, but this is definitely a lawn mower beer, something that's easy to drink during the insanely stubborn and hot prairie summers. If you're someone who typically drinks the most popular lagers, I definitely suggest trying this, as well as Half Pints' Double Standard Lager.

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