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So.. this is my intro page! I'm Cody Lobreau, the creator and blogger at BeerCrank.ca, formerly known as the Cranky Beer Blog. Why the Cranky Beer Blog? When I created the beer blog back in 2010 (unofficially since 2005), I was going through a period of severe depression and unable to find a job. I created the blog as a way to motivate myself by setting goals for myself rather than moping around and sleep 18 hours a day. The focus of this blog was to not only write reviews about beers on a set timeline, but also photograph the beer so you get to see what I see, rather than using stock imagery from the brewery - this was so that I could improve my photography skills as well, as I had a brand new DSLR calling my name.

My favourite styles are typically Belgian influenced - saisons, dubbels, tripels and whatnot; IPAs are also one of my favourites - I appreciate a bitter, hop forward IPA that hits you right in the mouth, the bitter-er, the better.. but I do love a juicy New England IPA just as much.

I'm not a fan of lagers and pilsners but that's slowly changing as there's some really good pilsners being brewed now days.

Aside from BeerCrank.ca, I also had a weekly beer column titled First Draught in The Brandon Sun, one of Manitoba's most read daily newspapers. In First Draught, I use that as a medium to help get the average beer drinker to try something new, something that's not a new variety of Bud Light. The column ran from January 2014 until July 2019.

Oh, finalement, je parle franglais!

Favourite brewery: Unibroue
Favourite beer: Unibroue 17 Grande Réserve
Favourite food to pair with beer: burger with a real Quebecois poutine, Chicken & waffles
Favourite place for beer tourism: Montreal
Places on my beer bucket list: Belgium, Germany, Chicago, Vancouver, Oregon, San Diego, Denver, Wisconsin, Toronto, Halifax.. everywhere (but I don't have the time/money right now!)

Since you've made it this far: I'm on Twitter at @cdnbeer and Facebook at /BEERCRANK. Cheers!

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