Review: Coors Edge Non Alcoholic Beer (0.5)

It's already been over two years since I reviewed Budweiser Prohibition and that ended up being the most viewed review I've ever written. Non-alcoholic beer is a weird thing, A lot of people say that people should just stick to drinking water if they're going to go for non-alcoholic beer, but there's people who want to cut down on alcohol consumption but absolutely love the taste of beer. There's a lot of bad tasting non-alcoholic beers out there, so Budweiser Prohibition actually tasting kind of like the actual product was huge at the time. Now days you can Prohibition at just about any bar or restaurant.

Today I'll be trying out two newer non-alcoholic beers. In this review, I'll be checking out Molson Coors' new Coors Edge non-alcoholic beer, and later today I'll be checking out Heineken 0.00, so stay tuned for that!

Molson already has a non-alcoholic product with Molson Exel 0.5, in fact - that beer has been available for easily two decades now. Exel was never popular and all the reviews I've seen of it have been that the beer tasted absolutely horrible. So seeing that the Coors Banquet beer has a decent following in Canada, introducing Coors Edge with a similar style of branding will likely end up catching the eye of some Coors drinkers.

Coors Edge is a double brewed lager that contains no more than 0.5% alcohol. The ingredients are simply listed as "beer" and "natural flavours". 60 calories per 473mL can, 11g carbs.

Appearance: Pours a clear, golden straw body with a decent amount of carbonation in the body, reminiscent of Coors Light or Coors Banquet. The head is minimal at best, there's a light rim of white foam along the side and a small patch near the middle, but that's about it.

Aroma: When I opened the can, there was a large whiff of corn, barley and a bit of sugar. Definitely has a beer aroma, kind of reminiscent to Coors Banquet, but not so much Coors Light.. though I haven't seen Coors Light in a few years now. There's also a light saltine cracker aroma to it. Fairly light so far.

Taste: At first impression, it's decently sweet with a crisp barley presence to it, but then it disappears completely.. leaving a bit of a bubble gum and creamed corn taste to it. Well, it's definitely quite watered down in taste but it does taste like something from the Coors line of products, so they've got that going for them. There's a hefty saltine cracker taste in here just like in the aroma. Very dry on the mouthfeel.

Overall Thoughts: This vs Exel? This one definitely tastes more like what people expect in a light lager. It's pretty watered down but it has that crisp barley taste, a bit of creamed corn and saltine crackers. For some reason I recall Coors Light being a bit harsh on taste for some reason, so Coors Edge doesn't have that harshness. It's easy to drink, nothing to write home about.. aside from it having no more than 0.5% ABV. Definitely comparable to Budweiser Prohibition but not as corny. Expect to see lots of TV ads for this beer in the near future.

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love the Coors Edge. It has a refreshing taste that does taste exactly like a beer. I am very happy to have found this product and I hope it remains in production. I just wish they would make a 24 case and maybe lower the pricing a bit more then what it is. It's pretty close to going for the price as a regular 12 pack and a bit pricey for non alcohol. But just the same I will keep on buying it as long as it's still on the market. Thank you Coors for being the first to bring out a non alcohol brew that actually taste like beer!

Unknown said...

Now all Molson Coors Hexo has to do is give it it's Cannabis infusion and Coors Edge will be in its final form. It is supposed to change to the Truss brand name.

Unknown said...

I love the taste of coors cutter. Being off the alchohol cause of knee replacement.went to buy a six of cutter and could only find coors edge. It’s horrible. Will glad to be back on the alchohol.

Unknown said...

I'm on the NA kick, have tried them all. Regular Coors NA (gold label) much better than edge.

Unknown said...

I have tried other na and ginger beers this is by far the best I’ve had. It’s stronger tasting than Coors or Coors light. Love that available in a bottle. Cuts my calorie intake in 1/2. Nice to take control of my alcohol intake without drinking at a party great driving or on a boat when self control is essential

Unknown said...

was a huge fan of coors cutter - been drinking it for years. EDGE is awful...tastes like something sweet and smelly. NOT the fine n/a beer that the previous one was. have to find another N/A brand because this is NOT it.
J. scneider

Unknown said...

coors edge is terrible. bring back the old non alcohol beer

Barb said...

My Dr wanted me to cut back on the amount of beer I drink. I use to drink Coors Light but decided to try a non alcohol beer which was Coors Edge 473 ml. Confused by the wording of non alcohol but could contain 5 % or less of alcohol. So my Dr could say
Im really nof drinking a non alcohol beer correct ?? Not all Beer Stores carry the
Edge. Some say its too exspensive to stock.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this drink, it tastes just like coors light, if someone gave me this instead of a real beer, I wouldn't know the difference, thank you Coors light

George Prince said...

Edge seems a dishonest brew, with their corn syrup and natural flavoring that leaves a banana aftertaste. Same knock on Heineken 0.0, (flavoring, not corn syrup) which similarly makes me think of daiquiris. My favorite in the class is Busch NA. Cheap, dry, crisp.

Bloatis said...

I hated EXCEL and BUD I just tried Edge for the 1st time.. it is better. It actually has the Coors original taste. Presidents choice Blonde and No compliments 1/2 the price are at very good $6.99-$7.99. Who thinks people will pay real beer prices for N/A product. IMO Drop the price to 10 bucks a 12 Cdn. I looked all kinds all over today My edge was $16.97 Cdn plus tax for 12 . Becks and Heineken were 11.97 for 6..I like to mix them Real Beer/Fake beer and have it not taste like water. Hope this helps