From the archives: Alexander Keith's Premium White (2009)

From the Flickr archives - March 26, 2009

** I don't think this beer even exists any more (2018). The Keith's brand has been replaced by many of Anheuser Busch InBev lines to replace the once 'proud' Nova Scotia brand. Shock Top replacing Keith's Premium White, Goose Island replacing Keith's Hop series of "IPAs" **

Alexander Keith's Premium White beer. For it being a "white beer", and with the name "premium" on it, I was expecting a flavourful beer that is reminiscent of a nice white beer such as Blanche de Chambly by Unibroue or Rickard's White.

The look is very much similar to a Rickards or a Blanche de Chambly, but the taste and aroma is nothing like these beers. The first thing I noticed about this beer was that the aroma was very much like a regular Keith's India Pale Ale, which is weird for a beer like this, but what weirded me out even more is that the actual taste is similar to regular Keith's IPA, however the taste does have have a hint of white beer (witbeer) to it, but that's where the similarities to the rivals end for me.

I actually like the beer, but I was expecting more from Keith's. I guess this beer is going to be marketed to the average Joe Canadian who sticks with the watered down classic domestics, and not to the beer connoisseur who wants a nice beer on a nice sunny summer day.

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