Review from the archives: Wells Bombardier English Premium Ale

From the archives on Flickr - October 1, 2010

Last week I reviewed a Scottish ale called the Blackfriar Ale by Inveralmond, this week I'm trying something not far from Scotland, Wells Bombardier English Premium Ale, which is a 5.2% 500ml English ale.

Really like the bottle, just your average British style bottle, it has a bit of embossing, a few stems of barley, it states that the brewery is an "independent family brewer." The label also says "Brewed in the heart of England, this is a richly rewarding traditional, burnished copper ale, bursting with English spirit."

Pouring it into the glass, it's a very nice dark red colour, not overly thick, you can see through it somewhat. Leaves a good light beige coloured head. Taste is a bit of a dry burnt taste to it, very very slight hint of caramel, malty aroma, a bit bitter. I'd rather drink a Hobgoblin. Not what I was hoping for, but love the name though!

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