Review from the archives: Blackfriar Premium Scottish Beer

Originally posted on Flickr - September 25, 2010

Whenever I visit the liquor store, one section I generally look over is the Scottish/British/Irish beer section (which is all clumped together), all the beers generally look the same, and are usually fairly pricey. I decided to not overlook this section this week and try out Blackfriar by Inveralmond Brewery from Perth, Scotland.

When I saw the label of Blackfriar, I knew it's something I wanted to try, while the graphics are blurry, the image of a friar brewing a batch of beer reminds me of a time when beer was not a multibillion dollar international industry, but a local one.

Blackfriar costs just under $4 here in Manitoba for a 500mL bottle, so it's quite an affordable brew for something international.

I basically knew what to expect though, when I poured it I got a whiff of hops, which is good. I accidentally spilled a few ml when I was trying to do a setup photo, but quickly cleaned that up. It appears an amber/honey colour with a hint of orange in it. Taste wise.. just your usual dark ale, hoppy bite to it, a bit spicy, and to top it off, it's 7% alc/volume!

It's a tasty Scottish ale, can't really say much more about it.. but I know it's something I wouldn't mind buying again, great price for the amount of beer you get, and the bottle contour is just beautiful!

On the back of the label it tells a bit of a story behind the beer and the legend:
"Perth, the "Gateway to the Highlands", was known in the Middle Ages for its three great monasteries, all now gone without a trace. One of these, the cloister of the Blackfriars, had a famously bloodypast, for it was there that King James I was murdered in 1437. This hearty Blackfriar ale is as dark and complex as history itself, starting with a rustic earthy character and unfolding to reveal toasty, chocolaty flavours, and typical fruity, spicy hints along the way. It is unusually hoppy for a Scottish ale."

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