Le Castor Brett Zeste Saison

On a hot sunny summer day on the prairies, a Saison comes in really handy to deal with the heat. I picked up a bottle of Microbrasserie Le Castor's Brett Zeste Saison while I was in Quebec just over a year ago.

Brett Zeste Saison is an organic Saison brewed with Saison and Brett yeasts, citrus zest and juice, cracked pepper and organic barley, wheat and rye. It tops out at 5.0% ABV.

Appearance: The Saison pours a cloudy, dark orange body with a hefty amount of micro-carbonation and full finger's worth of frothy white head on top.

Aroma: There's notes of the typical Belgian yeastiness that gives off a mild breadiness to it, a very light to mild Brett aroma that gives off a bit of a barnyard funk to it, decent amount of citrus presence (lemon), a hint of rye grain bitterness, a smidgen of cracked pepper, and a light champagne sweetness at the end. 

Taste: This is an absolutely easy to drink Saison, even with it being brewed with Brett. I'm getting notes of citrus - lemon and lime, a mild graininess of the medley of barley, wheat and rye. There's a light funkiness attributed to the Brett, yet I'm getting more of a typical Belgian Saison yeast - mildly bready for the most part. There's a light amount of cracked pepper in there for spice, but it's not as dominant as many Quebec Saisons.. so if you're not a fan of pepper in your beer, you won't mind this one. Definitely more citrus-forward than most Saisons, but I absolutely love citrus-forward Belgian ales anyways.. I'm easy to please. Moderately dry on the palate and leaves behind an aftertaste of French bread.

Overall Thoughts: I'm in Montreal in three weeks from now, if I see this Saison at any of the dépanneurs, I'll definitely be picking this up, but if it no longer exists.. I'll still pick up something from Le Castor anyways. This was bottled March 10th, 2017 but it's full on citrusy with a great yeasty presence, easy to drink and has a gorgeous appearance. If I was still in my "I don't understand why people are obsessed with wild yeast" period of my life, I would still enjoy this as the Brettanomyces yeast isn't overpowering in any way. Yum!

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