Review: Collective Arts x Aslin Beer Co IPA No 13

It's been a while since I've been able to pick up an IPA from Collective Arts Collective IPA series of beers. Today I'm checking out their IPA No. 13, a collaboration IPA with Aslin Beer Company out of the US.

IPA No. 13 is a Double IPA brewed with Strata, Zappa & Comet hops. 8.1% ABV. "For the first time ever, we’re collaborating with another brewery on a beer in our numbered IPA series! For lucky No. 13 we got together with Aslin Beer Co. to make a classic double IPA. Hopped with Strata, Zappa, and Comet, these unique and sought after strains lend the beer a deliciously dank passionfruit forward character with underlying notes of mango and citrus. "

Appearance: Pineapple juice and bright in appearance. Very hazy and has a light amount of off-white head on top that mostly ends up on the glass itself and not on the beer.

Aroma: Leafy, tropical hop presence. Reminds me a bit of Five Alive soda as a kid. Notes of grapefruit, tangerine, pineapple and lemon. Good amount of leafiness from the hops, as well as a bit of a floral presence. Not really getting any bitterness.

Taste: The hops are more prevalent here than in the aroma (aside from the tropical notes, of course). I get a lot of a floral presence to it, a bit of a pine that we didn't get in the aroma, a bit of an alfalfa-like floral presence. The beer is still quite sweet and tropical with a bit of pineapple, guava and lemon, but not as Five Alive-esque as the aroma. As it warms up a bit, the tropical notes come out more, as well as I get a bit of a bit of a sugariness to it.

Overall Thoughts: The Collective IPA series is always solid, and this isn't an exception.

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