Review: 2 Crows Vinello Lagered Wild Ale w. Riesling Piquette

I still have a couple beers left from my mail order from 2 Crows Brewing a few months ago in my fridge, I'm honestly surprised! That means I need to do another order sometime in the near future.

Today's sampling is 2 Crows' Vinello Lagered Wild Ale w. Riesling Piquette. I've had this beer in the past but I had bad heartburn when I started to sample it so I didn't really enjoy it, hopefully my body will be more in the mood for it this time around.

Vinello is brewed with Barley, Spelt, Raw, Wheat malts, Riesling Pomace, water, hops and yeast.

Appearance: Good amount of carbonation right as soon as the can is opened - it foamed up a tad when opened but not a gusher or anything. The body is clear with a light honey/straw hue to it, lots of carbonation throughout the entire body. Moderate amount of white head that gradually diminishes to a slim layer that's located mostly near the glass.

Aroma: Quite a sharp tartness in this beer, a bit of a vinegar presence, moderate amount of wine grapes, barnyard funk (bit of saddle), lemon, grass and a s light floral hop presence at the end.

Taste: Face puckering tart but not bad at all. It's got a good deal of white wine presence to it followed by a sharp lemon citrus presence, a good deal of barnyard funk that tingles the palate a good deal, a light graininess (and hint of nuttiness) from the barley and wheat. Light floral hop presence.

Overall Thoughts: My computer has rebooted no less than forty times since starting to write this review so I don't really want to keep re-writing this paragraph. It starts out face puckering tart but eventually warms up and is more of a barnyard funk with a lemon presence to it. Bit of a white wine presence to it but not overpowering in any way. Definitely enjoy this more than when I had this a month or so ago.

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