Photos: A quick visit to Prairie Mountain Hops

Randy over at Prairie Mountain Hops out of Boissevain, Manitoba has been trying to get me to visit his hop farm for the past couple years. I first heard about his hop farm by fluke when I saw that a bunch of Alberta breweries that I knew were following him for some reason and not so much Manitoban breweries, but at the time the Manitoba craft beer scene was still slowly developing at the time.

Last week I finally made the trek to the hop farm, located immediately north of Turtle Mountain Provincial Park (home to International Peace Gardens). The visit was incredibly quick, so I didn't bring my favourite lens for this, I'm not happy with the photos but I hope you enjoy!

This is why I wanted to bring one of my better lenses, this photo turned out completely out of focus, blah.

Packaged hops that are ready to go to breweries in Winnipeg as well as the Grain to Glass homebrewing

The harvester, which saves Prairie Mountain Hops a lot of time instead of picking hops by hand

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