Review: Brazen Hall Black Ink Dark Ale

I picked this up at the Liquor Mart a while ago but only had time to check it out now. COVID does that, yknow?

Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery's Black Ink Dark Ale

From the label: A black ale brewed with Midnight Wheat, hopped with Bravo, Mandarina Bavaria and Citra, fermented on our house kveik. 5.0% ABV/35 IBU

Appearance: Dark Ale with a dark-as-the-night body to it. The head Is a bit thick with a yellowish-beige hue to it. It gradually diminishes to leave behind a good amount of head on the body and a lot of lacing on the glass itself.

Aroma: Rich, a bit roasted, notes of coffee, dark chocolate, and molasses. It also has a hint of floral hop presence thanks to the Citra hops used.. though not quite tropical/juicy as you'd think, but it works.

Taste: Molasses, moderately roasty, hint of coffee, dark chocolate, caramel, and a hint of peat. The hops pop out to give it a bit of floral presence, light lemon citrus, and there is a hint of tropical presence but the roasted malt mostly overpowers it.

Overall Thoughts: Reminiscent of a Cascadian IPA - It's dark and heavy but also has a floral and citrusy hop presence that you would see predominantly in lighter styles. Roasty, floral, citrusy.

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