Review: Strathcona Beautiful Mosaic Pale Ale

New day, new review: Today I'm checking out Beautiful Mosaic Pale Ale by Strathcona Beer Company out of Vancouver. I visited Strathcona Beer Co during my visit back in January and was a nice visit even though I was there for maybe half an hour tops, photos of the visit will be coming one of these days. I picked this up at the Quality Beer Store in Winnipeg a week back.

From the website: This light, refreshing Pale Ale has a base of pilsner and caramel malts, hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo Hops. Beautiful. 5.0% ABV / 30 IBU

Appearance: Moderately cloudy body with a deep golden straw hue to it. Good amount of carbonation in the body and a very nice beige head on top that diminishes fairly gradually, leaving behind a sprinkling of lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Citrus-forward pale ale with lemon and orange. There's a good amount of floral and leafy hop presence to it. Sweet graininess from the Pilsner malt, as well as a bit of a caramel sweetness to it.

Taste: My first impression is a bit of a Pilsner graininess with a bit of a nutty-like presence to it. Sweet and moderate notes of caramel, lemon, and orange peel. The hops are giving off a leafy and floral presence to it. Aftertaste is a hint of apple and I'm getting a tingling sensation from the hops.

Overall Thoughts: Not bad but I was expecting much more of a tropical presence to it. Certainly has quite a bit of a Pilsner malt vibe to it. Easy to drink, fairly sweet and light-to-moderate amount of citrus presence to it.

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