Fuggles & Warlock The Last Mango Witbier

Fuggles & Warlock's The Last Mango Witbier: This is another beer that's been in my hoard for quite a while, so long that my buddy Chris was working at the brewery when this was made.. back in 2017! I was lucky enough to visit the brewery with Chris back in January while I was in Vancouver.

From the label: A refreshing Belgian wit brewed with fresh mangoes and sweetened with lactose. A smooth, tropical delight. Contains fresh mangoes, keep refrigerated (thankfully I have!) 4.9% ABV

Appearance: Very cloudy witbier with a golden straw body that's on the verge of looking more like an orange peel. Good amount of carbonation in the body, and the head starts off quite thick but diminishes to a finger's worth of head on top. Light amount of lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Mangoes!! This was bottled three years ago but it's a very aromatic and tropical witbier that's mango first. There's a bit of a lactose and wheat to give it a classic breakfast cereal vibe to it, Belgian yeast, a tad bit of tartness. Sweet and fruity.

Taste: A tad bit of a tartness from the beginning, followed by a good amount of tropical sweetness that's completely mango-forward, quite nice! There's lactose in here which gives it a light milkshake sort of vibe to it. Tad bit of wheat that gives it a breakfast cereal vibe, and a leafy hop presence at the end. Light amount of tartness, there's a bit of a dry yet slightly creamy mouthfeel, aftertaste with a bit of lemon tartness and a hint of lactose.

Overall Thoughts: Three year old witbier but surprisingly tastes pretty fresh. Lots of puréed mango to give it a lot of sweetness, quite fruity. A tad tart, creamy and notes of breakfast cereal. F&W no longer distributes to Manitoba, it's a shame because they make some decent beers.

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