Review: Boombox Secret Galaxies IPA

Another beer picked up over at the Quality Beer Store in Winnipeg, Secret Galaxies IPA by Boombox Brewing out of Vancouver. It's an IPA that tops out at 6.8% ABV and massively dry-hopped with Galaxy and Vic Secret hops.

Appearance: Quite a murky orange juice body with a good amount of white head on top. The head diminishes fairly gradually, leaving behind a layered lacing on the top of the beer.

Aroma: Sweet and juicy with notes of orange, pineapple and melon. The yeast hits the nostrils giving off a bit of a sharp aroma that I can't really describe. Light floral presence, no noticeable bitterness yet.

Taste: Juicy IPA with a lot of melon, pineapple and orange. It's a tad gritty on the palate but nothing wrong with that. A tad vegetal, a bit of a faux creaminess from the oats, hint of breadiness (sourdough) and a leafy hop presence at the end.

Overall Thoughts: Pretty much what I'd expect coming from Boombox, tasty Hazy IPA that's full on sweet and juicy. The label is pretty darn awesome but unfortunately the photos don't do it justice.

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