Review: Coronado Weekend Vibes IPA

Ah, it's the weekend, so it's a good time for a beer! As someone who has been only able to find part time jobs for the past five years, a weekend can literally mean not working Tuesday to Friday, meaning a weekend is different for everyone. Coronado Brewing out of California has a beer called Weekend Vibes IPA.

From the can: Bursting with tropical dankness, this beer is everything you want from a San Diego-style IPA. It’s bright, bursting with hop fruitiness, and refreshingly dry. Crack one open and get ready to feel those weekend vibes. 6.8% ABV

Appearance: Cloudy lemon yellow appearance with a lot of carbonation in the body. The head is fairly thick with a light beige hue to it.

Aroma: Lemon-forward with notes of floral hops, a hint of pine, pineapple and a hint of soapiness to it.

Taste: Slightly nutty with a hint of caramel sweetness coming from the malt. The beer is floral and has a good amount of citrus presence, mostly lemon but also get a bit of pineapple and grapefruit. Hint of pine and a bit of an herbal presence that reminds me a tad of spice from pizza sauce. This has a bit of a breadiness to it. The end has an aftertaste of lemon and dough.

Overall Thoughts: I was expecting this to be a session IPA with a name like that, and not 6.8% ABV. This is predominantly lemon but has a bit of an herbal presence to it, but aside from that - It's underwhelming. It's a bit bitter but I was hoping for more tropical notes or more from the citrus presence.

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flatlandBEER said...

“Underwhelming” is exactly the word I would use to describe every Coronado I’ve tried (granted, only a couple... after being underwhelmed).
Nothing particularly wrong with them - just underwhelming, so I spend my money on better beers.