Review: 2 Crows Hoopla Tequila Barrel Aged Sour with Agro Coffee

Today's beer is Hoopla by 2 Crows Brewing, a Sour aged in Tequila barrels with Agro coffee, that's a combination I never expected to see so it could be very interesting. I was planning on reviewing this back for Tequila Day back in July but I was stubborn and never got around to doing it until now.

4.3% ABV. Brewed with Barley, Wheat, Spelt, Oats, Hops, Water, Yeast, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Coffee

Appearance: Slightly cloudy golden straw with lots of carbonation in the body but surprisingly minimal amount of head on top, mostly near the glass. When I pour the last bit into the glass, it's much more hazy than the rest of the beer.

Aroma: Very interesting - the coffee pops out right from the very beginning, so it kind of screws with your mind as you expect the beer to be much, much darker than it is. Light amount of Tequila, a bit of oak, lemon, and a sharp sourness at the end.

Taste: This is very, very sour, to the point that it's face puckering sour. Lots of lemon in here, a bit of a vinegar-like presence to it, a bit of Sour Patch Kids candy, a hint of Tequila that pops up more in some sips than others. Good amount of coffee popping up in here which you wouldn't really expect in a sour, definitely appreciated. Tingling sensation on palate occurs for long time after the beer is finished.

Overall Thoughts: One reason why I don't tend to enjoy sours is that I end up with a sore stomach after drinking one and unfortunately, it happened again with Hoopla. That being said, the combination of Sour Ale, Tequila barrel and coffee gives it a really interesting combination I haven't really ever tasted in any beer. Bit sweet, mostly sour.

Bonus Pic: Tequila the cat with Hoopla

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