Review: Winnipeg Brew Werks Golden Ukrainian Lager (Золоте Україна)

Today's sampling is Winnipeg Brew Werks' Golden Ukraine Lager, I was planning on reviewing this last year but it sold out immediately at the LCs in my town. The Golden Ukraine was first created last year as a celebration to the 50th anniversary of the Ukraine-Kyiv Folklorama Pavilion.

Crafted using authentic Ukrainian "Clone 18" hops. Celebrate Manitoba's strong Ukrainian culture with a unique, clear, crisp, refreshing beer reminiscent of the old world. Enjoy! Bud'mo! 5.5% ABV / 20 IBU

Appearance: Bright golden body with a tad bit of cloudiness to it. The body has a light amount of carbonation, and the head has a light to moderate amount of white head.

Aroma: Sweet, malt-forward lager with a good amount of honey presence to it, as well as a good amount of graininess to it. Notes of bubble gum, a bit of lemon and grassy hops at the end.

Taste: Quite a sweet lager, which again, has a big honey sweetness as well as a lot of a grainess that I can only describe as chewing on barley straight from the crop, bit of straw. There's a bit of a bitterness from the hops, a bit of a floral presence. While strong on the sweetness, it's pretty easy to drink.. or as the kids are saying now days.. crushable. Certainly a heavier kind of lager than your typical North American lager as I can feel it hit my stomach rather quickly.

Overall Thoughts: Aside from the Ukrainian Pavilion at Brandon Winter Fest a couple years ago and this beer, I think the last time I had a Ukrainian lager was a decade back. This tastes pretty much what I'd expect out of a Ukrainian lager, it's quite a bit sweeter than your typical North American lager with notes of honey and straw. It appears that this beer is already on its way out so if you're in Manitoba, pick this up while you can, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Ukrainian cultural initiatives in Manitoba!

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