Review: 9 Mile Legacy Angus Stout

I wrote this back in July but only got time to post this now: First off, Congrats to 9 Mile Legacy for this beer winning Gold in the Dry Stout category at the Canadian Brewing Awards; as well another congrats to them on their new space for their larger brewhouse! I hope to visit one of these days once things hopefully get back to normal, it's been nearly three years since my last visit to the brewery. Shawn and Garrett from 9 Mile made a pitstop in Brandon two years back on their way to Winnipeg to check out the booming beer scene. They dropped off a nice sampling of beer including their Angus Stout, which I've been waiting to sample for a long, long time.

From the label: Farmer, soldier, neighbour, friend. We all wear different hats from time to time. Angus Stout is inspired by our head brewer's grandpa. An oatmeal stout with an edge - suitable for whatever hat you are wearing. 9 Mile Legacy is a story often told in places like Saskatchewan - one of homesteaders settling 9 miles apart and choosing to work together for generations. In this province, we are frequently brought together by circumstance but remain together by choice. 4.3% ABV

Appearance: Heavy black Stout with a light amount of head to it, with the head having a yellowish/burnt caramel head on it, fairly light and no noticeable lacing as it goes down.

Aroma: Sweet stout with notes of raisin, brown sugar, oatmeal, and a hint of chocolate. Very hefty amount of brown bread to the beer... something that would be interesting to see made into bread to be made into a Kvass.

Taste: Sweet with notes of caramel and raisin/figs. There's a lot of oats in this beer, reminding me of some of the very first Oatmeal Stouts I ever had back in the very early 2010s. Light amount of dark chocolate and a moderate amount of roasted malt to give it a bit of a coffee-like presence to it, very bready. Aftertaste is brown bread.

Overall Thoughts: Heavy Oatmeal Stout with a good amount of sweetness to it, very bready and hefty. Definitely a beer I'd recommend as a before bed kind of beer as it's that heavy, yet only 4.3% ABV. Sweet, slightly roasty, nice stout.

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