Review: Half Pints' Double Standard Lager

Double Standard Lager
 is the newest release by Winnipeg's Half Pints Brewing. If you're familiar with beer in Winnipeg, you'll probably chuckle over the name like I did - there's a beer called Standard Lager that has been around for a very, very long time and you know how every region has a cult following to a meh macro beer that every other region would just go "why?!" Standard Lager is it for Winnipeg.

From the label: Double Standard Lager is made from 100% Canadian 2-row Pale malt. Pretty simple, right? Maybe, as a craft brewery, we're not supposed make a simple yellow fizzy. Well, people like this beer. And y'know what else? It's not easy making a good consistent lager; there aren't many places for unwanted flavours to hide. Sure we could go on about a crisp, clean finish. We could throw around terms like premium craft lager and cold-filtered (all beer is filtered cold, btw). We could even show you how high this beer charts on the Crushability Index.™ But then things start sounding like a commercial. Well consider this our beer commercial. Get together with all your good looking friends at the beach, BBQ, dance party, mystery mansion or wherever. Grab a talking can right from the ice bucket and let the times roll. Standards be damned! 5.0% ABV

Appearance: Pretty much pours like your typical everyday lager with a golden straw hue to it, yet with a ever so slight amount of cloudiness to it - It's not 10000% clear like your dad's favourite beer but prettttty close. Double Standard has a LOT of carbonation going on in the body and it reminds me of my childhood, being at my parents friends place, in a room full of cigarette smoke, a bored Cody and staring at the unassuming beer getting slowly sipped bit by bit by my mom.. and I just want to go home. The head has a white snow appearance to it with a full finger's worth of fluff to it, something that doesn't really go down until I start drinking the beer.

Aroma: The beer certainly smells crisp so it will for sure end up on the Crushability Index.™ There's a pale malt sweetness to it to give off notes of lightly toasted barley, a moderate honey aroma, and a grassy and slightly bitter hop presence at the end. I can still remember the smell of popular beers when I was a child and I still remember there being a very harsh sharpness from the malt (or adjuncts) and this doesn't have it, which I guess is a good thing because that sharp aroma is why I didn't enjoy beer until after I was legal age, I was a Whisky drinker until then.

Taste: Is this a lager? Yep, this is a lager. I've been drinking a lot of lagers in the past couple months thanks to COVID, as well as local LCs and beer vendors not really promoting Manitoban beer. The beer is sweet, crisp and a bit grainy. The malt pops out a decent amount to give it a bit of honey and a bit of a sharpness from the grain that I was expecting in the aroma. A bit of a grainy and aftertaste and fairly dry mouthfeel. Quite a smooth beer, definitely would do pretty well on the Crushability Index.™

Overall Thoughts: Well, pretty much your typical crafty lager. It's very smooth on the palate, crisp and easy to drink. It's funny that lagers are a thing with craft breweries but as the label stated, it's not easy to make a good consistent lager, something I've heard from many, many brewers. Lagers are weird, they're a hard beer to make consistently but are the first thing to get overlooked by beer geeks. As for me, I've been drinking a lot more lagers in the past two months than I have in the past decade. This will definitely be a must purchase again and again this summer, and I feel like this would be a beer that will likely end up at music venues around Winnipeg once they re-open one of these days, definitely something I'd drink while watching a live act.

Bonus pic - Lil' Tequila chilling with Double Standard

Half Pints Double Standard Lager

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