Review: Trans Canada Plum Sour Berliner Weisse (Small Batch County Series)

Trans Canada Plum Sour Berliner WeisseToday's review is Trans Canada Brewing's Plum Sour Berliner Weisse from the brewery's small batch County Sour Series.

From the label: Tart and subtle sweetness / 3 IBU. A Berliner Weisse aged with fresh plum purée, sweet notes of stone fruit and citrus are balanced by the tart nuances from the plum skins, that combine with the delicate acidity from the kettle sour to create a refreshing juicy/tart finish. 4.3% ABV

Appearance: Hazy with a bit of a peach-orange appearance to it. The head is incredibly thick so it takes a few minutes for me to wait for it to diminish enough. It gradually diminishes to a light layer of head, with an off-white hue to it, no lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Sour, mild plum sweetness, a bit of a saltiness to it like a gose, a heavy amount of lemon, light grassiness at the very end.

Taste: Very sour, lemon is the first thing I get, followed by a moderate amount of plum, a hint of apple, a bit of graininess from the barley/wheat. Quite acidic mouthfeel, while the aftertaste is a hint of plum, lemon and apple. Light doughiness to it from the yeast.

Overall Thoughts: Sour. Bit of a lemon and plum presence to it. I'm not good at reviewing sour beers, seriously.. but many would say I absolutely suck at beer reviews in general so there's that too 🤷🏻‍♂️

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