Review: 2 Crows Merida IPA

2 Crows Merida IPAAnother beer I purchased from 2 Crows a few weeks ago, Merida IPA. Merida IPA is an NEIPA that's considered hazy, juicy and lucious. 5.4% ABV and 31 IBU.

Appearance: Incredibly juicy-forward NEIPA with a heavy orange juice body to it. Not noticing any carbonation in the body as it's that thick, while the head is a moderate bright snow white. The head diminishes near immediately to leave behind a sprinkling of a layered lacing on the glass and a small amount of bubbles on the top of the beer itself.

Aroma: Leafy and juicy IPA, quite leafy and floral hops followed by a lot of juiciness to it, though at first I found it to be very light. Orange is the predominant aroma I get from this beer, there's a bit of pineapple, lemon, but that's about it. Slight creaminess to it to give it a bit of a creamsicle vibe to it. Hint of oatiness at the end.

Taste: I found this pretty smooth right from the beginning, I really couldn't taste much of the juiciness of the beer for the first bit but then I got a bit of a cereal graininess of oats and wheat and eventually a bit of orange and pineapple, though subdued. Quite a creamy IPA, decent amount of leafy and floral hop presence to it, very faint amount of bitterness to it. Fairly dry mouthfeel while the aftertaste is a bit of an oatiness with a hint of orange, light breadiness.

Overall Thoughts: Surprisingly light for a NEIPA though it has the juiciness and the mouthfeel that I'm used to from all the good NEIPAs, expected more fruit. Tad sweet with orange and pineapple, tad acidic fruity, some creaminess, a bit dry for mouthfeel (yet a bit creamy too), this beer is subtle but all over the place.

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