Review: Trans Canada Blueberry Sour Berliner Weisse (County Sour Series)

Trans Canada Blueberry Sour Berliner WeisseI reviewed Trans Canada Brewing Plum Sour a few weeks back, this week I'm reviewing their Blueberry Sour Berliner Weisse as part of their popular County Sour Series. 4.3% ABV

From their label: Juicy and Tart, 3 IBU. A Berliner Weisse aged with 300 lb of fresh blueberries from British Columbia. Juicy notes of blueberry and lemon zest are balanced by the delicate acidity of the kettle sour to create a fruity, tart and refreshing finish. 

Appearance: A rich raspberry reddish/pink body to it, opaque, and has a moderate amount of carbonation going on in the body. The head starts off with a slight amount of carbonation with foam mostly around the side of the glass.

Aroma: Decent amount of tartness to it, predominantly blueberry. The beer is slightly sweet but barely. The beer has a hint of graininess to it, and otherwise is fairly light aside from the tartness of the sour.

Taste: Good amount of sourness coming from the beer right from the initial tasting but it's not cringing-like sour. There's a bit of a graininess coming out from the wheat, as well as a flavour that reminds me a bit of a gose.. something like a hint of salt? I'm not sure. There's a slight sweetness to it, mostly blueberry but it's not syrupy like many blueberry beers, it's pretty much just a hint of the fruit itself. A bit of lemon pops out here and there but ever so slight. Sours and my stomach don't get along and this is no exception but I'm enjoying it.. so it's worth it I guess. The mouthfeel is tart and carbonated, while the aftertaste is toasted wheat and a hint of blueberry at the end.

Overall Thoughts: Blueberry beers are weird but this one isn't overly syrupy like many, nor does it have a weird off fruitiness to it, this one tastes pretty much like the fruit with decent sour presence to it, lemon and a bit of wheat popping out once in a while. Not bad at all, I always expect the worse for blueberry beers but this one is able to actually showcase the fruit as it should be.

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