Review: Capital Pecado Perversa Mexican Red Ale

Perversa Mexican Red AleThanks to my parents for this beer, Perversa Mexican Red Ale by Capital Pecado out of Mexico! My parents picked this beer while in Cabo, among a bunch of other craft beers they found at a local grocery store.

From the label, roughly translated: Sip by sip I will conquer your instincts with my deep red color, my aroma of toasted malts and with a hint of spice, I will take you to a balance with the acidity where my light body and my aromas penetrate your throat and will possess you. 4.8% ABV / 35 IBU

Appearance: Dark red ale with a nutty brown complexion to it and a bit of a cola brown hue to it, fairly dark. Mild amount of yellowish-beige head on top, while the body has the faintest amount of carbonation going on, so a bubble here and there.

Aroma: This is a sweet-malt forward ale with a lot of caramel going on. There's a hint of peat-like earthiness to it, light amount of floral notes from the hops. Slight hint of toasted malt, hint of honey and a bit of a sweetness of syrup that reminds me of candy. There's a light hint of fruit at the end, a mostly a bit of apple and fig.

Taste: This is pretty much your typical classic Red Ale that was pretty popular over a decade ago, a bit reminiscent of a Rickard's Red, remember that beer? It's sweet with a large caramel/toffee flavour to it, a mild amount of bitterness that's mostly a woody taste to it, hint of fig and apple to give it a note that's reminiscent of a Belgian Dubbel, surprisingly. Incredibly carbonated for the mouthfeel, very dry and leaves behind a hint of an apple and a slight bitterness for aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts: Not in any way a crafty style beer for this day and age, it reminds me of Red Ales that were common in the mid to late 2000s, a pub ale. It's not bad, it's sweet, surprisingly carbonated for mouthfeel and even had notes that reminded me of a Dubbel momentarily. It's nice to be able to try beers from places that I'll likely never ever visit (again) so it's awesome to have family sending stuff like this my way!

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