Review: 2 Crows Special (Bière de Miel aged in foudres)

2 Crows Special Foedre aged bière de mielToday's review is 2 Crows' Special, a Foedre-aged Bière de Miel, as someone who loves honey beer, this should be interesting. Brewed with Barley, wheat, honey, honeycomb, hops, water and yeast. 4.4% ABV / 23 IBU.

Appearance Special pours a dark orange opaque body with a light amount of carbonation in the body, while the head is a fairly thick with yellowish-beige hue in appearance, barely diminishes at first but leaves behind a light amount of bubbles on the glass.

Aroma: The foedre pops out instantly to give off a lot of an oaky presence with a bit of red wine and vanilla popping up here and there. Decently tart/sour with a bit of a sweetness to it - hint of honey and honeycomb to give it a bit of a wildflower presence to it. Slight hint of bubble gum at the very end. Sweet but mostly from the honey, more tart than sweet. Hint of lemon at the end.

Taste: Very tart forward presence to it, it's funky, it's got a lot of lemon, a bit of barnyard presence, a hint of soap. The honey pops out to give it a nice sweetness to it, as well as a bit of a wildflower presence to it, but the tartness is pretty much the most dominant thing about this beer. Quite tart/sour, lemony, moderately oaky, hint of grass from hops. Pretty heavy on the stomach, but not surprising. The mouthfeel is sour with a good amount of carbonation, while the aftertaste is a hint of pear.

Overall Thoughts: Pretty heavy on the stomach but not surprising as how tart/funky it is. It's a tad sweet from the honey, has a bit of a grassiness to it as well. Nice funky beer but a bit much for me at the moment.

2 Crows Specail Foedre aged bière de miel

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