Review: Winnipeg Brew Werks Bock² (Bock squared) Doppelbock

Winnipeg Brew Werks Bock² (BockSquared)Winnipeg Brew Werks recently released their newest product, Bock² just the other day, a Doppelbock that tops out at a whopping 9.5% ABV and I finally found it at one of the LCs in Brandon last week.

From the label: Cold cellared for months, our Bock² has become deceptively smooth. Its rich malty sweetness is nicely balanced by a touch of hop bitterness, imparting subtle flavours of dried fruit and spice

Appearance: Dark ruby red body with a light amount of clarity but mostly opaque. Thick amount of yellowish beige head with a creaminess to it - it's thick and a bit overly carbonated, nearly pours over but doesn't just quite. The head diminishes pretty quickly to leave behind a sprinkling of bubbles on the glass. I managed to spill this beer as soon as I was starting to review this.. oops, way to go Cody!

Aroma: Quite sweet with rich notes of toffee, caramel, as well as bit of dark fruitiness in there (raisins/figs). There's a bit of a syrupiness to it as well as a Brandy-like booziness to it. Hops are slightly floral.

Taste: This is a very sweet-forward Doppelbock, to the point that the notes of toffee linger for the aftertaste for a long, long time. Notes of toffee, a lot of booziness to it, a bit of nuttiness, a bit of a peat-like earthiness to it. Seeing that it's very boozy, I feel my body warm up quickly from this beer, definite burn to it. I noticed that the aftertaste lingers a lot, I also get a bit of pear at the end but not at the very beginning like I saw when I first sampled this. Liquid sweet bread in a bottle

Overall Thoughts: 9.5 per-cent, jeebus. I would have preferred to see this come out back in say.. February, but I'm not complaining.. quite a sweet and toffee-ful doppelbock with a hint of earthiness, slight hop presence, quite a boozy beer and certainly a sipping beer, share this beer if you can because it'll warm you up.. which isn't the best with the weather being consistently above 20C now days. Next time I'm in Brandon I'll be picking up more to mix it up with my usual Unibroue mix for when I just want to relax to Brooklyn Nine Nine.

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