Review: Le Corsaire Anne Bonny Pilsener

Le Corsaire Anne BonnyI honestly thought I reviewed this beer a year or two ago.. apparently I didn't! Anne Bonny is a Pilsener that's described on their website as their European session lager that is specifically made to satisfy the most serious of thirsts. This tempting blonde with light noble hop notes will make you fall in love after your first taste. 4% ABV / 13 IBU.

Appearance: Quite cloudy for a Pilsner/Pilsener which I really didn't expect, it has a very light straw-yellow appearance that's almost closer to a lemon for me. The head is light and snow white while the body has a a light amount of bubbly action going on.

Aroma: Fairly citrusy (lemon) with a good amount of hop presence to it, quite surprising for a Pils. There's a good amount of grassiness, a bit of grain, hint of Euro-lager to give it a very faint skunkiness that many people like, while the hops give it a floral and mild pine bitterness at the end. Quite a crisp Pilsner

Taste: Pretty much what I just described in the aroma. It's quite aggressive for a Pils(e)ner, it's citrusy as heck, while there's a bit of a grainy barley presence to it, the hops give off a floral and and moderately bitterness to it, hint of alfalfa to it. Didn't expect the citrusness of this beer but I quite enjoy it on a nice spring day like today.

Overall Thoughts: Not typical for the style but I'm enjoying it - it's lightly sweet, a bit citrusy with a floral and bit of bitter hop presence to it. Smooth, crisp and fairly dry, easy to drink, though hoppier and cloudier than I'd expect.. but I'm enjoying it, so there's that!

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