Review: La Voie Maltée La Sûre Prenante Berliner Weisse

It's been a few since I've reviewed anything by Quebec's La Voie Maltée, with the last beer I reviewed being their La Trou-blé Session NEIPA late last year.

Today's La Voie Maltée review is their La Sûre Prenante Berliner Weisse, which is.. as you guessed it.. a Berliner Weisse! I haven't reviewed a Berliner in a while.. I'm just generally not one to really ever review sours, that's all.

Appearance: Pours a very clear golden body with a lot of carbonation to start off.. to the point that the beer ends up foaming over the glass.. eep! There's a good amount of white foam on top to begin with, but it fizzes out near immediately only to leave behind a very minimal amount of bubbles that are mostly around the rim and thaaaat's it. Edit: Once I pour the last bit into the glass, it gets a lot cloudier.

Aroma: Lots of sour lemon in here, a good deal of wheat and yeast to give it a hefty white bread aroma to it. Not too sour but sour enough that that's all I'm really getting from this beer, it almost reminds me of a lemon cough drop (in a good sense.. if that's possible?)

Taste: Full on lemon sourness with a good amount of dryness from the beer. Fairly acidic, bready, and a light amount of grassiness to it. There's really not much there aside from that - it's actually pretty easy to drink yet gives me a hint of sour cringe to it. 

Overall Thoughts: I feel like I'm going to get a bit of a burn from this beer but this beer is pretty easy to drink if you like sour beers. A LOT of lemon, a good deal of white bread/baguette-like aroma and taste to it, and a hint of grassiness. I'm not typically a sour fan but this is something I could easily drink again, it's the vinegary sours I just can't handle! 

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