Review: Collective Arts IPA #9

If you happened to read my previous review, which chances are you didn't and that's okay, I mentioned I have some big news happening. Well, I have some good news and bad news. Good news: reached its 1 millionth hit right as soon as I posted my most recent review.. that's awesome! Thanks to all of you for keeping me going for something like a decade! Bad news: after 5.5 years, my column 'First Draught' in the Brandon Sun is ending, this probably won't mean anything for, but it's an end of an era - it was nice to be able to write about what's cool and new in the craft beer industry to a local market, but in the end of the day.. people in Western Manitoba love to read about people's complaints and rants a lot more than learn about cool breweries in Manitoba and beyond. 'First Draught' was ranked the lowest out of all the columns in the paper. Ah well, c'est la vie. I'm very honoured to have been able to have a weekly/biweekly column just about beer for 5.5 years, especially in a place like Brandon! As they say, when one door closes, a new one opens.

Today's a very hot and typical prairie summer day so I need to go out and do some reviews because I have nothing better to do. To start off the day, I'm reviewing IPA No. 9 by Collective Arts. Like the most recent releases of Collective Arts' series of beers, the only place you can find this in Manitoba is at the Quality Inn Beer Store, of course!

IPA No. 9 is a Brut India Pale Ale brewed with Azacca & Citra hops. 7.1% ABV

Appearance: Mostly cloudy lemon yellow/golden in appearance with a lot of carbonation in the body. The head is very thick and frothy with an off-white appearance to it. The head diminishes a bit once I let it settle, but still has about two fingers thickness of head fifteen minutes later.

Aroma: Sweet and moderately tropical with pineapple, a good deal of orange and lime peel, a slight vegetal hoppiness to it, as well a tad bit of grassiness to it. A hint of caramel and a light soapiness to it as well.

Taste: Sweet and tropical again, there's a sweetness that hits my tongue each and every sip - pineapple, orange peel and a moderate amount of caramel as well. There's also a bit of a vegetal and leafiness to the hops as well that had a hint of bitterness and an ever so slight hint of pepper to them.

Overall Thoughts: I like it but it's probably not my favourite from the series. I feel like I much preferred IPAs No 7 and 8 over this but IPA No. 9 is still good. It's tropical and a bit leafy but nothing really screams out in this beer to me.

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