Review: Whitewater Blood Moon Blood Orange Sour

The sun, earth, and moon need to be perfectly aligned to create the marvel we call a 'Blood Moon.' This sour is no different, we created incredible alignment between sour and blood orange to create this wondrous beer that, like a lunar eclipse, won't be here for long. 

Well, that sounds like quite the description there! Ottawa Valley's Whitewater Brewing has made some solid beers over the years, which I've gotten to try thanks to my buddy Ryan (who is probably one of the the only people in the world reading this). Turns out I've never reviewed any of their beers so this will be my first review I've done of their beers - today's review is their Blood Moon Blood Orange Sour. I've had a few people tell me they absolutely loved this, that the combo of the blood orange and the sour make a great combo.. so I'm looking forward to it!

Appearance: The beer pours a bright golden/orange body with a good amount of clarity to it. The body has a light amount of carbonation, while the head is a thin layer of snow white head on top.

Aroma: Blood orange pops out right from the beginning, giving off a bitter, almost grapefruit like presence to it. The beer has a moderate amount of sourness, a bit of 7-UP-like citrus presence to it, and a bit of a sweet syrupy aroma at the end. 

Taste: The beer is quite bitter yet sour at the same time - you get the presence of the blood orange which gives it a bitter fruitiness to it and a bit of a peppery taste as well. Then you get a sour lemony presence that hits you in every single sip and lingers for a good while to give it a sour yet slightly bitter aftertaste. The beer is decently dry for the mouth feel, and at the end of every sip, I get an ever so slight amount orange sweetness.

Overall Thoughts: Great pairing of bitterness and sourness, I'm not generally a fan of blood oranges but as part of a sour, it seems to work. Good amount of bitterness, lots of lemony sourness and even a bit of sweetness at the end. 4.8% ABV

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