Review: Brasserie Nonsuch Baltic Porter

I bought this beer quite a while ago but it's definitely time for me to review it.. Brasserie Nonsuch is known for doing well at high ABV beers and their Baltic Porter is no exception at 6.5% ABV.. making it one of their lowest ABV beers yet!

Nonsuch's Baltic Porter is described as dark brown in appareance, aroma of coffee, chocolate, nuts & toast; and flavours of sweet malt, coffee and roasted malt.

Appearance: Nonsuch's Baltic Porter is a bit more reminiscent to a dark ale like Fort Garry Dark rather than a Baltic Porter, I get a good amount of a cola brown like hue to it instead of a near pitch black appearance. The head is an off white/beige in appearance and eventually diminishes to a rim of foam attached to the side of the glass.

Aroma: Notes of coffee and roasted malt to give it a rich bitterness presence to it. It's a tad sweet with cocoa, a tad of nuttiness and a hint of toffee to it.

Taste: For a Baltic Porter, it's a bit lighter than I expected but it definitely has the notes I expected - rich roasted malt to give it a bit of a rich dark coffee presence, a hint of sweetness of caramel and cocoa/chocolate, tad bit of oaty-like graininess and a bit of dark fruit at the end (raisins).

Overall Thoughts: Rich, dark, roasty yet decently sweet. This is probably the first Nonsuch beer I've ever had that wasn't a Belgian-style beer and while it doesn't look 100% like a Baltic Porter, it tastes pretty damed awesome.

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