Review: Lagabière Ta Meilleure Northeast India Pale Ale

This is one of the many beers I purchased at Expérience Bière in Montreal back in May, as well as the second beer I've ever reviewed by Lagabière Brasserie Artisanale out of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Today's review is their Ta Meilleure Northeast India Pale Ale. The can says "Make it ta meilleure!" (Make it your best!) so I'm assuming that Lagabière is insanely proud of their New England/"Northeast" IPA to the point that they call it "the best!" Well's pretty bold in a province that already makes a lot of the best NEIPAs in Canada (and the world) already!

Appearance: Everything looks good so far.. a lot better than a lot of NEIPAs I've had in the past where some just looked like a West Coast IPA with a lot of NEIPA-friendly hops to them and not even any cloudiness! This one is hefty and juicy.. it's not as juicy looking at Boréale's IPA du Nord-Est but it's up there.. looks a good deal like a beer mimosa (a mixture of witbier and OJ) so I don't mind that. The head is fairly light and whiteish.

Aroma: Very sweet and tropical - notes of pineapple, oranges, lemon and mango. There's a very slight creaminess to it that gives it a bit of a creamsicle vibe to it. Very aromatic and a tad leafy.

Taste: An intense amount of oranges and mango right from the very second it hits the palate, notes of pineapple and lemon follow but I really wasn't expecting it to be this sweet. There's a light leafy bitterness in the beer, a tad amount of breadiness that mostly is present for the aftertaste that gives off a good deal of breadiness as well as a really heavy tropical sweetness that doesn't want to leave the palate at all.

Overall Thoughts: When I saw the name Ta Meilleure (Your Best) NEIPA, I was kind of expecting to write off this beer but everything I've tried by them has been good so far, including a beer they had at the brewpub that was spiced with coriander and basil. It takes a lot of guts to basically call it "Your Best".. but yknow what? It was great! It was affordable at $3.99 per 473mL can and was an inviting beer right from the beginning. 7.0% ABV

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