Review: Kilter Fog Machine Mosaic Double IPA

Chris at Quality Inn told me that I absolutely needed to pick this beer up while I was in town as Kilter always sells out the moment it gets released.. and it's true, the two times that Kilter was briefly available in Brandon, the beer was gone within minutes.. and this is Brandon after all! Chris told me that his store easily purchases about 90%+ of Kilter's products and they just can't stay on the shelf, to the point that 3000 cans may seem like a lot, it's not enough for his own store!

Today's check in is Kilter's Fog Machine Double IPA. The label states that this is a super hoppy, juicy and foggy Double IPA double dry-hopped with 100% Mosaic. 8% ABV.

I know they've brewed this one in the past with Vic Secret hops but I never really paid attention to it as I'm never in Winnipeg so I shouldn't get too excited about something I won't likely ever try anyways, but hey.. now here we are!

Appearance: In typical Kilter fashion, this is going to pour in an appearance that looks just like orange juice..  which I guess automatically makes this an appropriate Sunday morning brunch beverage. There's a couple bits of sediment floating around which I'm always content with. The head is a finger and a half thickness of snow white head. The head doesn't really go anywhere after 15 minutes, just staying pretty much the same but leaving behind some lacing on the glass gradually.

Aroma: Tropical yet bitter. The first thing I get is a very sweet pineapple presence in this beer - perfect for a day like today. There's a good amount of bitterness in here, kind of a floral bitterness with a bit of leafiness to it as well.

Taste: Fairly creamy Double IPA with notes of tropical fruits (pineapple, orange, lemon), a bit of a leafy green hoppiness to it. Very tropical tasting and a smoothness that's making this beer disappear completely! The aftertaste is a bit of a creaminess with an apple-like taste to it.

Overall Thoughts: Smooth, creamy, sweet & tropical Double IPA with a bit of a floral bitterness to it. Very juicy and perfect for a hot summer day like today. I kind of regret only buying one can but ah well, c'est la vie!

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