Review: Brasserie Dunham Saison Rustique Lochristi

If you happen to be anywhere near Winnipeg anytime soon, you can find Brasserie Dunham's Saison Rustique Lochristi at Quality Beer Store!

I reviewed Dunham's Saison Rustique back when it was available here until two years ago but unfortunately it was discontinued here because well.. outside the Quality Beer Store, craft beer from outside Manitoba sometimes just doesn't sell, especially when a bottle is over $7.. even for a large bottle! It's frustrating to write about beer here but getting to see the Lochristi edition of Saison Rustique is a treat and a half.

According to the barely readable text on the label, Saison Rustique Lochristi is Saison Rustique fermented with Brettanomyces Lochristi blend.

Appearance: A pale and slightly hazy yet almost clear golden ale with a good amount of carbonation taking place in the body. The head is a finger and a half's of bright white snowy foam with a light amount of lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: Lighter than I expected seeing that this has a variation of Brett yeast in here. The beer has a light amount of lemon to it, a hint of straw, a very very faint aroma of funkiness to it, and a light amount of bubble gum to it. As you can probably tell so far.. it's pretty light!

Taste: Again, light but very tasty. It's a light saison with light notes of bubble gum, a light sour citrus profile of lemon. It's decently dry and has a moderate amount of straw-like sweetness to it, a light amount of vegetal presence to it, and a hint of spice and herbs creeping up ever so slightly.. for a very very very faint second I was reminded of a classic Gruit.. but then it went away. Edit: once it warms up and I'm getting near close to the bottom of the bottle, the Brett pops out a bit in its funky gloriness

Overall Thoughts: Fairly light saison that's perfect for a hot day like today. I wanted a bit more oomph but for the most part, it was light and easy to drink..  nothing wrong with that. I did get some herbal/spice notes to it which I didn't expect, and the "hey, it's Brett!" does actually end up popping up in both aroma and taste closer to near the end of sampling the bottle. Dunham makes solid beers so I'll keep buying them whenever I have the option to do so!

Also check out my visit to Brasserie Dunham back in 2016 here!

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