Skunksworth's Barleyslime: Labatt Lite

It's been quite a while since my previous edition of Skunksworth's Barleyslime so I thought while at the farm it was time to bring this back from the dead. Today's is Labatt Lite.

Oh Labatt Lite, this beer was popular back in the mid 90s back when Achey Breaky Heart was top of the charts.

I don't know who in the world drinks Labatt Lite because I haven't seen a single person buy this beer since the mid 2000s... but for some reason restaurant and pub owners will buy this buy the two four at the LC. Even at rural Manitoba restaurants and bars, I don't see anybody drinking this beer but just about every bar, restaurant or social seems to have it in stock with not a single craft beer to be ever seen (Keith's is NOT craft beer). The label on the beer hasn't been updated since probably 2002 and on 15-packs of this beer for some reason they have a big "check out our website at!" logo on the box, which hasn't existed since at least 2006.

Labatt Lite isn't any cheaper than any of the lite beers but for some reason every beer vendor and LC sells at least 3 package sizes of the beer for something I never see anyone ever drink.

Well.. onto the beer.... The beer is your typical light lager you'd see people chain smoking to back in the 80s.. I can still vividly remember the smell of cigarette smoke and this beer as a child. The beer pours a very light yellow watery with a lot of carbonation in the body. The aroma of this beer is surprisingly floral which is a bit shocking because this is the beer that I felt like I'd never enjoy beer because this is typically a very corny smelling beer with a heavy dose of stale wet barley to it.. well, that's there.. a lot of straw. The taste is creamed corn with wet grain to it, a bit of sugar and a a bit of metallic aftertaste to it.

I'm not a fan but I guess why some people do enjoy this, it's lighter than Bud Light and Coors Light.

Would I drink this again? No but I know I'll end up drinking this at a social when Bud, Bud Light and Twisted tea are no longer available and my social awkwardness requires another beer to deal with the same 20 songs I hear at every social I've ever been to.

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Mike said...

Great review. I don't believe I've ever had this beer and can't see any reason to try it, thanks to your review. I did have a friend in high school who said this was his favourite beer, but he'd have one beer every 2 months and didn't know shit about beer. I think his father drank it.

Besides this beer, does anyone still drink Labatt Blue? I never see anyone purchasing that, ever. Back in the 80's and 90's, it seems everyone drank Blue or Molson Canadian. I don't even see them being advertised much.