Review: Sleeping Giant Stouty McStoutface

Ah, nothing like a Beery McBeerFace kind of beer! I love Half Pints' Bikey McBikeface and I've so far enjoyed the beers by Thunder Bay's Sleeping Giant Brewing, so their Stouty McStoutface should be an easy sell for me! Stouty McStoutface was brewed for St Patrick's Day. This is a Foreign Extra Stout that's malt forward with a distinct roastiness and very little to no hoppiness. 7.0% ABV

Appearance: Your typical stout, pours a rich dark-as-the-night black with a moderate amount of a yellowish/cookie dough head on top.

Aroma: Notes of coffee right from the start to give off a rich roasted presence to it, as well as notes of cocoa powder, a bit of an earthiness, as well as a hint of caramel at the end.

Taste: Very roasty right from the first sip - it's a very bitter roasted malt presence to it, almost like a very dark roast coffee. There's a good amount of sweetness here with notes of caramel popping out here and there. I'm finding that there's a light nuttiness to it from the roasted malt, as well as a bit of a cocoa powder like sweetness to it as well.

Overall Thoughts: It's 30C out today and I'm drinking a Foreign Extra Stout.. why? *Shrugs* but even in this heat it was a decent stout. It's pretty rich and bitter but also gives off a nice amount of sweetness at the same time. Look out for a few more Sleeping Giant reviews coming soon... they're going to be great!

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