Review: Bières Jukebox Glam Rock Brut IPA

I still need to post photos of my visit to this year's Mondial de la Bière but for now I'll review one of the first beers I tried at the festival this year - Bières Jukebox's Glam Rock Brut IPA. According to Untappd, Glam Rock appears to have been launched right around Mondial as there were less than half a dozen checkins when I got to try the beer. It's crazy that five and a half years ago I reviewed their beer for the first time, Distorsion American IPA, back when they were brewing at Brasseur de Montreal and now Jukebox has their own brewery a stone throws away from Olympic Stadium! Time has flown by fast.. it felt like I reviewed that beer only two years ago.

From the label: "A Brut IPA is a patchwork celebrating stylistic ambiguity. Moderately bitter and profoundly aromatic, it mines the glorified attributes of the juiciest NEIPAs. Ultra dry and light bodied as a result of using rice and enzymes. It proudly claims kinship with the shameful lineage of mass-produced beers. To add insult to injury, from atop its crocodile latex platform boots it puffs up its leopard spandex covered chest and pronounces itself Champagne. Like a Brut."

Appearance: Light hazy with a lemon yellow body to it. There's a moderate amount of carbonation taking place and a light-to-moderate amount of snow white head on top of the beer.

Aroma: Decently aromatic with tropical notes of lemon, pineapple and melon. There's a floral hop presence to it, a hint of a Champagne-like sourness to it, fairly light and a bit crisp so far.

Taste: Juicy IPA to start it off - notes of pineapple, lemon, orange peel. There's a good amount of carbonation for the mouthfeel and it's quite dry as well. Light bitterness from the hops, but more of a floral presence to it. The aftertaste is a light fruitiness of apple that doesn't linger for long. Compared to most Brut IPAs I've had lately, this one is decently tropical instead of dry and floral and that's about it.

Overall Thoughts: Solid offering by Renaud & Cie at Bières Jukebox. The beer is surprisingly tropical and sweet yet dry, carbonated and very smooth to the palate. Tad floral as well but not overly bitter, making it a good choice for this hot patio season.

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