Review: PEI Brewing Raspberry Sour (After Hours Series)

The always awesome PEI Brewing launched a series called the After Hours Series a few years back, a showcase of one-off brews specially crafted by the team over at PEI Brewing! Today's selection is their Raspberry Sour. I'm mixed when it comes to sours but when it comes to raspberry sours, I love them for some reason.. I guess it's the whole "jam in a glass" kind of vibe in it. 5% ABV

Appearance: Pours a bright red raspberry with a hefty amount of carbonation in the body. The beer starts off with a good amount of off-white head but it completely diminishes to near nothing at all.. just a slim amount of bubbles near the rim.

Aroma: This is why I love raspberry sours.. it smells like raspberry jam! It has a hefty dose of raspberry, a bit of tartness, a bit acidic, and a good dose of breadiness from the wheat - reminds me of toast with butter and lots of raspberry jam from my younger years. 

Taste: Very tart and dry from the initial savouring, but then you get a nice amount of sweet raspberry jam presence in there. There's a bit of breadiness in here again, a bit of lemon, and a hint of creaminess.. which, again, gives it a presence that reminds me of toast, butter and lots of raspberry jam. Very dry to the point my saliva dries up.. but only momentarily.

Overall Thoughts: I don't know what much to say but this is sour and tastes like I should drink this with some toast! 

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