Review: Collective Arts IPA No. 7

I've been a huge fan of Collective Arts Collective Project IPA series ever since they released IPA No. 1 over two years ago. Unfortunately for me, many of their one-off IPAs never made it to Manitoba so I never got to try them.. until now. Quality Inn Beer Store brought in IPA No. 7 and IPA No. 8,  making it the only store in the province to do so. So today I'm going to check out both IPAs! Looking on their website, IPA No. 10 is already out, geez I'm that far behind!

IPA No. 7 is a Southern Hemisphere IPA featuring Nelson & Citra hops. It's described as "Bright, New World hop characteristics of fresh crushed gooseberry and white grape. An IPA that showcases the unique qualities of New Zealand hops."

Appearance: Pours a cloudy lemon yellow with a hefty dose of sediment throughout the body.  The head is a thick off-white head that gradually diminishes, leaving behind a moderate amount of layered lacing on the side of the glass, as well as a quarter finger's thickness of head on top of the beer.

Aroma: Mildly sweet, a bit grassy, tropical with a bit of mango and orange peel, light amount of pine bitterness to it as well as an ever so slight hint of tartness to it. Smells absolutely tasty!

Taste: Tropical-forward IPA with notes of mango, orange peel, lemon. Light amount of bitterness and a bit a yeastiness to it. Slight amount of graininess and a bit of a booziness at the end. Mostly tropical to me.

Overall Thoughts: This is what I love about the Collective Project's IPA series, it's showing off what hops can do for a beer. This one is sweet, tropical yet has a bit of bitterness to it to give it a bit of character to it. Looking forward to checking out IPA #8 next!

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