Review: Belching Beaver Mosaic Double IPA

Another day, another review of a beer I discovered at Quality Inn Beer Store in Winnipeg! Today's review is by Oceanside, California's Belching Beaver Brewery. The beer is Mosaic Double IPA, the label states: "I’ll be dammed, this is a great double IPA! Brewed with Mosaic hops this beer is packed with complex aromas showcasing pineapple, citrus, passion fruit and grapefruit. 8.8% ABV, 60 IBUs"

Appearance: Pours a light cloudy golden straw body with a moderate amount of haziness to it, moderate amount of sediment floating throughout the beer, a light amount of carbonation in the beer's body, and a moderate amount of snow white head on top that's mostly just a bit of lacing.

Aroma: Moderately sweet and tropical with notes of caramel to start out, followed by tropical fruitiness of pineapple, lemon. There's a moderate amount of bitterness in pine form taking place in this beer. Somewhat floral.

Taste: Quite sweet and tropical up front, the pineapple flavour is what I get predominately, followed by notes of caramel, a bit of pine, a light grassiness and a bit of lemon to it. The aftertaste is a mild pine-presence to it. Decently sweet, easy to drink and not feeling the kick of the 8.8% ABV yet.

Overall Thoughts: This is a tasty Mosaic-hopped DIPA, it's sweet and tropical with a mild bitterness to it, not overly bitter, easy to drink and absolutely appreciated after a hard day at work.. whew!

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