Review from the archives: Paddock Wood BĂȘte Noire Black Ale (2011)

48/52! Paddock Wood BĂȘte Noire Oatmeal Stout

From the archives - February 2011

I realized the other day I haven't had any beer from Saskatchewan reviewed for the project. I went to the LC and picked up BĂȘte noire Oatmeal stout by Paddock Wood Brewing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I've seen Paddock Wood products at the Liquor store for quite a while now, but frankly - they collect dust, just like most products that are not Molson/Labatt. I decided that this was something I had to try. The case has a thick layer of dust on it, so it hasn't moved in quite a bit. A sticker on the side of the case states it was made in February 2009.. so it's been sitting for nearly that long. Well anyways, usually a decent microbrew beer can age well.

BĂȘte noire comes in 355mL bottles, different than your usual 341mL bottles, it seems more of an American beer sort of bottle, also - it's a pop top instead of a screw-cap. It contains 5.4% alcohol.

How is it, pouring it, wow - thick light brown head. The aroma is something different, I can't put my finger on it, maybe a smell of wood, mixed with chocolate and a bit of coffee. Taste wise, it's reminiscent of Half Pints' Stir Stick Stout, but of course a different roast, also a bit of an acidic/bitter aftertaste left lingering on my tongue. Not bad really, but I kind of like Stir Stick Stout more.

It's a shame that these beers are going left unnoticed, two years later. I hope Paddock Wood gains popularity here in Manitoba as beer drinkers here are just finally starting to want to know where their beer comes from and moving away from Molson/Labatt towards more local beer and higher quality brews. I do love the name, it translates from French to English as "Pet Peeve."

From label: "An Inky black ale, smooth and roasty, with a creamy touch of oatmeal."

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