Review: Collective Arts Surround Sound Double IPA

I may have been reviewing more Collective Arts beers than just about anything else in the past month.. but if I can't get it at home, of course I'm going to buy a lot of their beers anywhere I can find it, especially at Winnipeg's Quality Inn Beer Store in the rare instances when I'm actually in town. Today's selection from the Quality Inn is Collective Arts' Surround Sound Double Dry hopped Double IPA with Mosaic and Amarillo Hops. 8.2% ABV.

Appearance: Pours a cloudy orange body with a bit of sediment floating around throughout the beer, and a moderate snow white head that gradually leaves behind a good amount of lacing on the side of the glass (there's also a bit of sediment in the lacing as well).

Aroma: Notes of bitter pine hops, alfalfa and a good deal of tropical notes are what I mostly get from this beer. There's notes of pineapple, grapefruit, lemon, a bit of perfume-like presence to it, as well as bit of orange peel at the end.

Taste: The beer is a bit boozy, but not exactly surprising as this is a Double IPA after all. It has a hefty deal of maltiness that gives off notes of caramel/toffee, the hops themselves give off a hefty tropical presence of pineapple, lemon, orange peel. There's a hefty dose of pine in almost every sip, but I'm finding it's not as liberal as in the aroma, but there definitely is a hint of bitterness reminiscent to pine for the aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts: Another great beer by Collective Arts. I'm typically a fan of their IPAs and this is no exception. This is sweet and very tropical, yet has a huge amount of pine to it to give it a "New era" and "Old era" medley sort of theme to it. There's nothing I'd really change about it, good job to the folks over at Collective Arts!

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