Lagabière Funkymothé (Saison Brett aux fruits de la passion)

If you've been wondering why I haven't been posting much lately - I just got back from Montreal (a week ago) so I haven't had time to do any reviews in that time. In coming days, you'll possibly see a lot of reviews of beers from Quebec, some of the places I visited, and photos of my trip to Mondial de la bière beer fest this year.

Today's review is Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec's Lagabi√®re Brasserie Artisanale. The funny thing is that I've been to Lagabi√®re before back in June 2016 along with mon ami Alex and his wife Alexe.. it was a looong day that day so I was pretty exhausted during our visit to Lagabi√®re but they had some tasty beers on tap with great names like Black is the New Orange. I still have photos from that visit.. but just haven't posted them, I will one of these days.

Funkymothé is a Saison brewed with Brett yeast and passionfruit. 6% ABV.

Appearance: Pours a very thick orange juice appearance with a very hefty amount of off-white/beige head but it fizzes off near immediately, leaving behind only a hint of carbonation taking place near the edge of the glass. For a Saison, I was expecting some permanent phone but nope.. the only bubbles are from the fizzy carbonation.

Aroma: Very aromatic Saison here. The first thing I get from this beer was the combination of Brett and passionfruit. The Brett in this beer gives it a light funkiness to it - good deal of sourness, a bit of horse saddle, a hint of straw. Then the passionfruit kicks in, giving off a very sweet and tropical aroma - a bit of mango, pineapple, lemon, melon all popping out in this beer. There's a hint of bubble gum in this beer as well. So far.. I really just want to taste this already!

Taste: The typical barnyard funk of the Brett yeast is more upfront in the taste than in the aroma.. but it's actually fairly tame compared to most Brett beers I've had. This one has a mild sourness to it but not over the top.. so, this is quite welcoming. The passionfruit is quite present here again, giving off a nice tropical flavour that I'm absolutely loving, passionfruit (of course), but also mango, orange peel, lemon, etc are popping up. This is a bit more bitter than a typical Saison and nowhere near as dry as most Brett-themed Saisons in recent memory.. but, I like it.

Overall Thoughts:  This is a sweet, tropical-forward Saison with a mild funky yeastiness to it, it's not overpowering or in-your-face so I appreciated it, this is why I want to see more funky beers in my neck of the woods.. but will never ever ever.. until probably 2030 or something. Absolutely tasty Saison, I'll definitely get more Lagabi√®re products next time I'm in the city.

Thanks to Olivier & Co over at Expérience Bière for suggesting this beer among others to take back home with me, absolutely great beer! Nice little store with an awesome selection, I'll be back the next time I'm in town!

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