Review: MonsRegius Nocturna Affogato Imperial Dessert Stout

I've been wanting to try MonsRegius beers for a while but unfortunately I wasn't able to find it in my last few visits to Quebec until last month. I picked up a couple bottles of their beers because their labels are absolutely stunning.. I do judge a beer by its artwork sometimes!

From the label: NOCTURNA is a series of imperial stouts. This Affogato edition of our Imperial Stout puts forth a harmony of seductive flavours of vanilla, cocoa, lactose and coffee. 10% ABV

Appearance: Pours thick, rich and black with a moderate amount of a yellow-beige head on top.

Aroma: I had no idea this was going to be a stout until I popped open the bottle.. I literally never even checked the description on the beer until I opened the bottle and took a sniff! Absolutely welcoming stout with notes of chocolate/cocoa, a light to mild amount of coffee, vanilla and caramel.

Taste: The first thing I get is a rich roastiness of the malt to give it a roasted coffee profile to it. There's a good deal of sweetness of caramel/toffee that I find lingers on the palate for a loooooong time, while there's also a bit of a chocolatey presence to it. Moderate notes of vanilla and a hint of booziness.. though not overwhelming.

Overall Thoughts: Easy to drink Imperial Dessert Stout that definitely lives up to its name. I typically prefer Imperial Stouts in the evening so this fits well for that.. even if it doesn't feel like evening yet (as the sun only sets at 10:30 here in Manitoba). It's sweet and caramelly, has notes of coffee/roasted malt and a nice light amount of cocoa/chocolate to it.. oh and vanilla! This is only the second time I've ever had anything from MonsRegius Bières Artisanales but I've been really satisfied with both beers I've had so far! While I wouldn't typically drink a stout in the summer time, I didn't exactly get to sample many stouts in the winter so I'm out of whack for styles I want to enjoy!

PS - If anyone is wanting to buy me a Canon ƒ1.4 50mm lens to replace my current ƒ1.8 as the lens motor started to give out as soon as I took the lens to Mondial last month, I'd be so grateful ðŸ˜!

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