Review: Microbrasserie Pixel Ping Pong IPA

This one was recommended to me by the staff over at Expérience Bière in Montreal, nice little beer store right in heart of the city, just a few blocks from Berri UQÀM!

Today's beer is Ping Pong IPA by Microbrasserie Pixel. Microbrasserie Pixel currently brews out of Oshlag and has a vibe that they're a brewery that's all bout retro gaming.. and their Ping Pong IPA is inspired by the popular Pong video game that was popular throughout the 70s and 80s. The beer is described as delicate, fruity and naturally cloudy.

Brewed with 2-row malt, oats and wheat (not sure about which hops).

Appearance: Cloudy, orange and typical of your current style of IPAs, reminiscent of a West Coast hazy IPA more than a New England for sure. Pours a good amount of foam so I'm waiting a while for it to diminish, once it does.. it has a moderate amount of white foam and a sprinkling of lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: Light yet fruity and tropical. Notes of pineapple, orange zest, hint of lemon, a bit of oatiness, leafy hoppiness, fairly straight forward.

Taste: I'm finding this to be your typical modern era IPA - as in an IPA that instead of bitter as heck, clear and a bit amber, it's cloudy and orange with a good amount of tropical presence to it. A tad floral, moderately sweet, leaves behind a slight tropical aftertaste to it. A tad juicy but nowhere as much as any Quebec NEIPA but it's nice.

Overall Thoughts: Solid IPA, mildly tropical, slight floral notes to it, easy to drink and great for a nice summer night like tonight. Love the gaming aspect of the brewery, they will do well!

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