Review: Jukebox Funkadélique Brettastique

Merci Renaud!

Jukebox's Funkadélique Brettastique is an American Wild Ale that's aged in bourbon barrels and hopped with a variety of fresh hops. 7.4% ABV.

I'm still sad that I never got to try their Pilsner Funky after the beer leaked out into my luggage last year. Thankfully not all my of beers perished so I got to try some awesome beers by Jukebox/Avant Garde that I would've never gotten to try otherwise. Also, mon ami Stéph over at Podcrastination has a bunch of their beers waiting for me as I couldn't take home a serious bunch of beers with me back home! We might do a podcast or something with those beers, so who knows.. soon enough you'll find out!

While I used to absolutely detest wild yeast/Brett beers, it's grown on me over the years to the point that I kind of crave them now.. especially since they're the kind of beers you just never ever find in Manitoba for some reason.. almost as if the liquor board is too busy bringing in beer styles that peaked 3-4 years ago instead of what's cool now.

Appearance: Funkadélique Brettastique pours a thick, murky, dark orange body.. almost like a hazy IPA kind of appearance to it. The head is a moderate off-white/beige in appearance and diminishes to a light amount of film on top of the beer.

Aroma: The Brett yeast really pops out and fills the room full of a funky, barnyard aroma to it. It has a bit of an old woodiness aroma to it, a hefty amount of oak and Bourbon to give it a bit of a boozy presence to it. This is a very aromatic beer.. strong.

Taste: The aroma wasn't lying to me at all, this is quite a powerful beer, I get a lot of Brett right from the beginning, a bit of lemon, notes of oak, Bourbon, vanilla and a mild presence of hops.  At 7.5% ABV, I feel the alcohol creeping up on me more than most beers around this rating. It's moderately sweet, yet has a good deal of tartness to it.. but it should be expected with it being brewed with Brett after all. The Bourbon barrel aging works pretty well in this beer, it gives the tartness of the beer a bit of a kick of booziness and the oak barrel completely compliments the barnyard notes to it.

Overall Thoughts: Jeebus, Jukebox/Avant Garde can't seem to stop making interesting one offs/seasonals that I just can't get my hands on! I'm in Montreal next week so I hope to see Renaud again! It's been far too long since I've seen him! Funky, good amount of Bourbon, oaky and has a light amount of sweetness to it.

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