From the archives: Mickey's Malt Liquor (2010)

ONZE/52! Mickey's LagerOriginally posted on May 21, 2010

I'm surprised I was able to take this photo when I did, as I'm still volunteering for the MasterCard Memorial Cup (just until tomorrow). Also, I ended up selecting a different beer than I expected (which has happened already twice).

This week's selection is Mickey's Lager from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has a light Grolsch/bitter taste to it, sort of strong but the flavour goes away near instantly (it's there, then it's not!), and the aroma is very slightly like Grolsch/Heineken, well that may be because it's in a green bottle but who knows. My room mate Jim was very surprised as it displayed the date it was conceived, right on the bottle, December 16, 2009, it really is rare to see that now days.

Two things I loved about it, ..actually make that three:
1) The bottle: It has a pseudo stubby style meets preservative jar look to it, this is great as it is less likely to be broken than a regular long neck bottle.
2) This could have been in #1, the cap, the cap is a twist off that also easily goes right back on easily. Say if you are having a beer, but half way through you aren't feeling well but don't want the beer to go to waste, just put the cap back on and enjoy it later!
3) Cap again, each and every cap has a puzzle for you to guess, some easy, some very difficult, on this one it's "Shake that Ass", great idea by the brewery to do something like that! You can also find the answers on their website! (Old ones here)

It's 355ml, 5.5% alcohol/volume, I was surprised it was that high, with it being an American imported beer, I expected 4.8-5.0%. Will I buy it, as I didn't buy this? Proooobably not, but for the novelty factor, it's very possible I may! (Edit from 2019: I never purchased this since the review)

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