Review: Doan's Craft Brewery x Fuggles & Warlock Super SMaSH Brewers 2

My coworkers at my other job would be giddy to try this as a lot of them are fans of Super Smash Bros, so to see beer-themed parody is pretty nice! Doan's Craft Brewery teamed up with Fuggles & Warlock to create Super SMaSH Brewers 2, a citric, dank, and hazy SMaSH IPA featuring Pilsner malt & Denali hops.

Appearance: Pours a very hazy golden and juicy, reminiscent of popular NEIPAs. There's a good amount of white sediment taking place throughout the body. The head is a good deal of white head that diminishes pretty gradually, leaving behind a slim yet frothy layer of foam as well as a thick amount of lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: Very sweet and tropical forward. I get notes of pineapple, mango, orange peel and a bit of a greenish-fruit.. kiwi? ..I don't know. There's a bit of honey sweetness, a tad of a Pilsner presence sweetness to it, fairly grassy and quite sweet.

Taste: Dank and juicy, notes of pineapple, orange peel and lemon. There's a hefty dose of yeast in this beer to give it a baguette-like breadiness to it. There's a tad of caramel sweetness, hint of honey, grassy hops,  as well as a hoppiness that gives off a light bit of a bitterness as well as a Honeycomb cereal taste to it. 

Overall Thoughts: Very tropical and juicy. Great tasting IPA out of Vancouver as always. Not much  to really say about this beer.. it's sweet, tropical (pineapple, lemon, orange peel) with a Honeycomb vibe to it. Mild notes of Pilsner to it.

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