Review: La Voie Maltée La Trou-blé Session NEIPA

I've been MIA for the past few weeks - I've been dealing with a really aggressive cold that just wouldn't go away, so I wasn't feeling like reviewing for the past bit. Hopefully this cold will go away and I'll be back to reviewing soon. Also, I just spent a fortune on a brand spanking new computer so you'd think I'd be writing more.. noooope!

Tonight I'm checking out La Trou-blé Session New England IPA by La Voie Maltée. The name of the beer is self explanatory - it's a session New England IPA (less than 5.0% ABV) and brewed with wheat. 4.0% ABV / 40 IBU.

Appearance: Incredibly cloudy and has a bit of a lemon yellow like body to it, light amount of carbonation and a light-to-moderate amount of white foam on top of the beer.

Aroma: The dominating aromas I'm getting are mostly tangerine, lime/lemon and pineapple. This is decently sweet but definitely not as juicy sweet as a lot of Quebec NEIPAs (like Boréale's). Moderate amount of wheat graininess to it, as well as somewhat bitter and floral.

Taste: Definitely sweeter than the aroma - it's definitely got more of a juicy presence to it. The first flavour I'm getting is pineapple right from the beginning, followed by a hefty dose of wheat and yeast to give it a very bready presence to it, notes of tangerine, a slight hint of mango, and a light bitterness from the hops (pine, somewhat floral).

Overall Thoughts: With NEIPAs being as popular as they are in Quebec, this wouldn't be my first choice. That being said, this was definitely an easy to drink ale that I wouldn't turn down - it's moderately sweet, a bit bitter and only a whopping 4% ABV.

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