Ravens Brewing - West Coast Pale Ale

Today's review is Abbotsford, BC's Raven's Brewing's West Coast Pale Ale. I'm not sure how long this has been in my hoard, but apparently they no longer make this beer!

Appearance: Pours cloudy honey brown (copperish) with a light amount of off-beige head on top. There's a bit of sediment in the body, but not much.

Aroma: Sweet with notes of caramel, moderate amount of breadiness, light Cascade hop bitterness (pine).. but more of a grassy hop bitterness with a splash of various tea blends at the very end (like Earl Grey tea).

Taste: The caramel malt profile was dominant in this beer, but I was also getting a clashing of a pine hop presence and Earl Grey tea flavour just trying to fight each other. This beer is fairly herbal but I find that the caramel, Earl Grey and Cascade hop presence are the only things I'm really getting from this beer.

Overall Thoughts: Well, I wish I could do a better review than this - Raven's West Coast Pale Ale gives off a great deal of tea-like presence, a good amount of Cascade hop presence to give it a hint of pine, and even a hint of caramel malt at the end! 5.5% ABV / 36 IBU


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