Review & Revisit: Central City Thor's Hammer Bottle Conditioned Barley Wine (2014 Edition)

Several years ago one of my buddies came into town on their way to heading to Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Jets/Edmonton Oilers. He dropped off a nice selection of beers including Central City Brewing's 2014 edition of Thor's Hammer Barley Wine. I reviewed the 2013 edition back in 2018 so I'm considering this to be both a review and revisit. The first review I thought I was drinking a 2014 edition of the beer but there was nothing stating what I was sampling to begin with, but with the actual 2014 edition, it finally listed the year right on the bottle. 10.5% ABV

Appearance: Pours a murky brown with a bit of a Brandy liquor reddish brown hue to it. The head is incredibly minimal with a light amount of yellow-beige head. The head is non existent after a moment or two, but that's not too hard to believe as this beer is something like nine years old.

Aroma: Once I'm able to get the waxed cap off, I got an overwhelming aroma of the Barley Wine - very sweet with caramel, lots of booze, fig, raisins, toffee, and a tad woodiness at the end.

Taste: Quite a sweet-forward Barley Wine that is pretty much what I was hoping it would be. Lots of caramel, quite a bit of a boozy presence that gives me notes of Brandy and Whisky, it warms the body up a good deal and there's also a bit of woodiness, a hint of fig and raisins at the end.

Overall Thoughts: This beer could have gotten incredibly oxidized, flat and give off a lot of a cardboard-like flavour to it but this tastes pretty much like what I remembered this tasting like way back when. Absolutely stellar, aged incredibly well, but I don't think it would've aged any better over time so it was a good time to open this one up. 

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